Emojis with Emoji Meaning

Emojis have arrived as the newest and the coolest way of expressing oneself. It started off with a rage and landed up as a trend.

Ever wondered for how these emerged out of the blue and became a rage to our generation? Well, to your surprise, these have been around since the year 1999. Yes, it has been more than a decade that the emojis have registered their presence. Shigetaka Kurita was the brain behind this innovation. But it was in the year 2000 that Loufrani’s Emoticon Directory was made available for download on cellular phones.

It has been just a couple of years that these have emerged as the latest craze to our SMS generation. Yes, to our Gen X, its all about fast forwarded way of communicating. These emojis have landed up as an indispensable feature that stands accountable for textual communication.

So, what are waiting for? Explore the most popular emojis with us and find the coolest and the latest way of expression without any further delay.

Happy Emojis to you!!

People Emojis in IOS

People Emojis in Android

People Emojis in Windows

Nature Emojis in IOS

Nature Emojis in Android

Nature Emojis in Windows

Food & Drinks Emojis in IOS

Food & Drinks Emojis in Android

Food & Drinks Emojis in Windows

Celebrations Emojis in IOS

Celebrations Emojis in Android

Celebrations Emojis in Windows